Alan has over 25 years experience in internet and computing technology.

With a background of working in Government, writing books for MENSA and being a consultant in the financial sector, in the early 1990’s Alan decided to focus on computing technology.

His initial move was to import CD-ROMs and retail them across the UK before setting up the software section of a North East based computer hardware company, which he eventually bought.

At the same time Google was just starting up, he decided to change from hardware back to software, but this time internet based, and established a website design and hosting business in the UK.

Within three years he had set up an additional website design business in Singapore. Working between the two, it helped him increase the market in Asia in addition to the existing client base in UK, Europe and North America.

Even though clients included United Nations Associations, Subway, BBC, Royal Families, TV Channels and many other large companies and corporations, the heart of the business was, and still is, sole-traders and small companies.

Why Work With Alan

Having been self-employed and set up several companies, Alan understands how important the internet is to a business, not only at the outset but on a long-term basis.

Website design, internet marketing, social media, search engine optimisation etc. should all be an ongoing part of any business.

Alan has the knowledge and experience to help you set-up and manage the website, branding, marketing and internet based technology for your new business from the outset.

Alternatively, he can help identify any areas in which your existing business may need to improve its online presence and work with you to implement the required changes.

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